When I was 10 years old, my grandmother revealed that we are direct descendants of two Pilgrim families that came to America on the Mayflower in 1620. This blog represents my genealogy research frenzy ever since that moment.

  • Every week, I post a genealogy article with research tips for you, accompanied by personal stories, experiences, and ideas.

I’m just graduated from Duke University with a History and Psychology double-major. I have been looking for a fun way to record and share the genealogical stories I’ve found over the years. And to share the tips and tricks I’ve learned. I hope you enjoy reading them!

If you’re new, check out my three favorite weekly posts so far.

  1. A 14 Generation Family Tree Mural In My Dorm at Duke

  2. Stumbling Across a Long-Lost Family Heirloom on eBay

  3. The Sawmill Accident That Claimed My Great-Great-Grandfather’s Right Arm — And How I Found Out About It

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Jack Palmer is a History and Psychology double-major at Duke University. I’ve done genealogy research since I was 10 and love writing about it for family, friends, and anybody else who might enjoy a blast from the past.

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